Strange notions of Indonesia

In this article we present an assortment of neighborhood “odd notions” in Indonesia in regards to regular day to day existence and the implications of the signs of Nature.

Try not to clear the house post pregnancy belly belts around evening time as this would make it hard to draw in karma.

Try not to sew a button on your shirt while wearing it as this would cause a genuine sickness not long after that would keep going for about a month and you woud consistently fall flat in your endeavors in getting by.

Stay away from combimg your hair while strolling as you will end up in a humiliating circumstance.

Try not to be in the washroom excessively long as this would cause your face to seem old.

Abstain from scrubbing down or shower during evening hours as this would speed up the maturing system.

An unmarried lady ought to try not to wash her hair on a Saturday as this would make her wed a man hard to please.

In the event that you go over a piece of cayene stew in a prospect evident explanation, this is an indication that a calamity is going to happen.

If somebody prepares a dinner that is too pungent, this is an indication that the individual is enamored and wishes to wed.

Try not to eat rice from a little plate as this would make your nearby relations scorn you.

Try not to eat from the side of a table as this would create some issues with the parents in law and your marriage will be in a disaster area.

Try not to eat before the entryway as this would cause one trouble in observing a marriage accomplice.

Kids ought to abstain from moving spots at the table during a dinner as this would make them have a stage father or mother.

Youngsters ought to eat a great deal of chicken wings if they wish to ultimately visit abroad.